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Desert Wind Bike Nights

October 4, 2021 Lucky Cycles

Desert Wind Bike Nights are back with a chance to win a Harley, car shows, bikini competitions, and more! One Free Entry at Every Bike Night Attended • Live Drawing October 21st, 2021 5 Lucky Winners at Every Bike Night Will Advance to Read more…


Cave Creek Biketoberfest 2021

Lucky Cycles

OK, technically it’s “Biketoberally”. But we’ll call it close enough as far as the title goes (turns out, more people ask about it as Biketoberfest). Cave Creek Biketoberfest (*Biketoberally*) marks the opening of the famous Hideaway Grill in Cave Creek. Read more…


Westgate Bike Night 2021

Lucky Cycles

Enjoy live music, food, and plenty of motorcycles at Westgate Bike Night! Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you ride or just enjoy looking at the bikes! When: Thursday, October 7 & Thursday, October 14 2021 – 6 PM to Read more…


Desert Wind Harley Hogtoberfest 2021

Lucky Cycles

Looking for a bike night in Mesa, AZ this weekend? You’re in the right place! Desert Wind HD is putting on their Hogtoberfest event for 2021! Desert Wind Harley Hogtoberfest 2021 When: Saturday, October 9 & Sunday, October 10 2021 Read more…


Harley CV Carb Tuning Guide

October 19, 2021 Lucky Cycles

Harley CV Carb tuning isn’t voodoo, and it’s not rocket science either. If your motorcycle suffers from hesitation and performance issues, bad gas mileage, poor idle, or other symptoms of a poorly performing carburetor, you’re in the right place. Harley Read more…


How To Fix Motorcycle Death Wobble

October 18, 2021 Lucky Cycles

It seems like every day in various motorcycle groups, the same question comes up: How To Fix Motorcycle Death Wobble. Motorcycle Death Wobble, Speed Wobble, Head Shake, Tank Slapper, whatever you call it. They’re all slang terms for the action Read more…

How to Test a Harley VOES

October 1, 2021 Lucky Cycles

If you need to know How to Test a Harley VOES, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re not sure what the VOES is, check out What is VOES, or catch the short version below. The VOES is a Read more…

Clean Rust out of a Motorcycle Gas Tank

How to Clean Rust out of a Motorcycle Gas Tank

July 14, 2021 Lucky Cycles

Allow me to guess why you’re wondering how to clean rust out of a motorcycle gas tank. You’re tired of cleaning or replacing fuel filters, taking your carburetor apart, or swapping injectors? Are you trying to get an older bike Read more…


Best Sportster Primary Oil Choices

October 21, 2021 Lucky Cycles

When choosing the best primary oil, there are a few things to consider. Read on to learn more than you ever wanted to know about choosing a primary oil for your Harley Davidson Sportster. First, we have the OEM Primary Read more…


Harley CV Carb Performance: Jet Needle

October 20, 2021 Lucky Cycles

If you’re on a quest for Harley CV Carb Performance, you’re in the right place! Today we’re talking about the Jet Needle. The jet needle is a long tapered rod that controls how much fuel can be drawn into the Read more…


Stock Sportster Carburetor Jet Sizes

October 19, 2021 Lucky Cycles

If you’re wondering what the Stock Sportster Carburetor Jet Sizes are, you’ve found the answer! This page will cover the Sportster’s stock jet sizes for both main and pilot jets for the Keihin CV carb, AKA the CV40. # Part Read more…


Harley M8 Oil Pump Issue Explained

October 17, 2021 Lucky Cycles

There is a Harley M8 Oil Pump Issue plaguing the 2017-2019 Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with the Milwaukee Eight engine. You should definitely be aware of this so you know if your bike is affected. If you own a Harley Davidson Read more…