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Corbin Seats for Harley Pan America


Harley Davidson entered the Adventure Motorcycle segment with their latest (and excellent) new design, the Harley Pan America. Corbin has been a big part of that world for decades, so of course they got right to work creating an aftermarket seat for it!

Corbin Touring Seat for Pan America

Getting the ergonomics right on this one was a challenge, but Corbin was up to the task. Adventure bikes are tall by nature, to get the necessary ground clearance. This, however, can create a reach issue for shorter riders. In this case, the peg distance can be cramped while the reach to the bars is long, so having the correct body placement is critical. This predicament is complicated further with the adaptive ride height feature.

To meet the needs of different Harley Pan America riders, Corbin created a Low, Medium and High model to create the best possible fit. The Corbin front seats are still simple to install and integrate with your factory key lock. Each one of our solo models will work with your factory rear seat or the companion passenger saddle. Our rear seat will also work with your factory front seat if desired.

This setup is designed for maximum comfort value and support with an emphasis on Touring. Corbin radically increased body contact area to give better weight distribution and eliminate hot spots and centralize pressure. Neutralized platforms help to curb sliding in the saddle, which in turn helps to reduce rider fatigue.

Corbin Rally Seat for Harley Pan America

If you’re looking for ride with a bit more emphasis on Adventure, check out the Corbin Rally Seat for Harley Pan America.

Harley Pan America

Corbin replaced the two piece stock unit on the Harley Pan America with a single piece seat pan. They did so in order to provide a platform with a leaner, flatter profile. This saddle is specifically made for those who also use their Pan America off pavement. Such riders want more ability for body movement and aggressive riding. Notice how they eliminated the step. Specifically to allow you to easily position your body further back when you need to lighten the front end.

Seat Heater Option

Corbin also builds electric seat heaters into their saddle designs for added luxury. Each has conveniently located switches on the left side. Seat temperature is controlled automatically to keep your backside warm.

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