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How to Fix a Loose Sportster Jiffy Kickstand

Fix a Loose Sportster Jiffy Kickstand

In this article, we’ll cover How to Fix a Loose Sportster Jiffy Kickstand. You don’t realize how much you rely on your Harley’s jiffy kickstand until you’re having a problem with it. A loose jiffy kickstand can be a real nightmare on the road. Luckily, fixing it isn’t expensive or difficult.

There are only a few components: the jiffy stand itself, a double return spring, 2 bushings, a pin, and a pin retaining clip. The spring is by far the most common culprit. You’ll want to have one of those on hand before you begin.

How to Fix a Loose Sportster Jiffy Kickstand: Getting Started

The first thing to do to fix a loose Sportster jiffy kickstand is get your bike on a jack. Alternatively, you can have a helper hold the bike upright. Remove the old spring (it should come off pretty easily), then the clip from the top of the pin. Then, push the pin through and remove the jiffy stand. Inspect the jiffy stand bushings, and if they show signs of wear (egg-shaped hole, damage, etc.) get a replacement set. (Or order them online ahead of time, just to be safe.)

Then install the bushings if you’ve opted to get new ones. If you’re re-using your old ones, give them a good cleaning. In either case, lube with Loctite C5-A copper anti-seize (the same stuff the Harley manual will tell you to use).

After that comes the spring. The new spring is really stout. The easiest method I’ve found to get it installed is to stretch it slightly with a floor jack, and insert a few pennies into the coils. Similar to the images shown below:

Next, hook the spring-and-penny assembly to the frame and kickstand before reinstalling the kickstand and pin. It’s easier to do it this way using the jiffy stand for leverage than to try and twist the spring onto the stand when it’s already on the bike.

With that done, get the pin seated, install the retaining clip onto the pin, and set the bike down on the jiffy stand so the spring is taut. Then, remove the pennies using a pair of pliers.

Finally, give your freshly repaired jiffy stand a quick test, and enjoy a stand-induced-stress free ride afterwards!

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