Wednesday, 31 May, 2023

New Aquatic AV Ultra Saddlebag Speakers


Wherever adventure takes you, Aquatic AV let’s you bring the party along! The Aquatic AV Ultra Saddlebag 6×9″ Speaker Kit for Harley-Davidson is an all-inclusive package for Harley touring motorcycles (2014+ models). Included in the kit are 2 Ultra 6×9″ Speakers, grill, cutout template, mounting plate, speaker wire/RGB extension, and mounting hardware. The Ultra 6×9″ Speaker itself features superior sound quality, RGB illumination, and multi-environment protection. 

Aquatic AV Ultra Features

High Power 

With a max power of 200W and an RMS power of 100W you can be heard from miles away!

High Frequency

40,000hz guarantees a rich and high-quality sound from these speakers.

6×9″ Cone Size

Made out of glass fiber and steel, the larger cone size helps you feel every beat of your music.


It’s no longer only red, green, and blue! The Ultra 6×9″ Speakers can show any color you want.


Get the full details and place your preorders here!

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