Saturday, 01 October, 2022

Q&A: Tallest Bars Without Replacing Cables

Today we’ll be covering a question asked often in motorcycle communities everywhere. Tallest Bars Without Replacing Cables? How much is too much? The answer may surprise you!

So, you’re looking at a sweet set of ape hangers or t-bars, but another $200 for new cables isn’t really in the budget. How tall can you go?

Tallest Bars Without Replacing Cables?

For most motorcycles, the answer is 8-10″ of rise. However, it usually depends on year/model and handlebar width. If the new bars are narrower than the old ones, you can get a little more. If the new bars are wider, you’ll be a little more limited in rise. Also, even at the 8-10″ height, many bikes will require a new, longer front brake line.

To be sure, you’ll want to break out a good old-fashioned tape measure and use the handlebar measurement specs of your desired new bars to get a feel for exactly how much your controls will move, and how much slack is available in the current cable & hose arrangement.

Also don’t forget to account for your handlebar wiring. You’ll need to be prepared to extend the wiring if necessary. This is especially true if you plan to internally wire your new bars. We definitely recommend internal wiring, as it lends to a good looking, clean installation.

In the event you wind up needing cables or a brake line, or a handlebar wiring extension, give us a shout to go over your options! You can message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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